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Destination Coordinator

When you are welcoming out of town guests it is crucial to make an utmost professional impression, that is where Picture Perfect Event Design can help ensure your guests are properly cared for and thoroughly impressed by their stay.


Picture Perfect Event Destination Coordination offers polished and professional services for all your business’s needs. Some available services include:

Transportation Organization:


- Booking of transportation to get guests into town

- Transferring transportation from arrival location (airport, train station, etc) to accommodations and back.

- In town transportation coordination

- Group transportation organization (to programs, tourist attractions, etc.)


Accommodation Coordination:


- Organization of your guests hotel or other accommodations to ensure your guests have a very comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Activity Coordination:


- Organization of tours, sight seeing, entertainment, mingling events, banquets, galas, and more to help make your guest’s stay extremely entertaining, enjoyable and memorable.


Dinning Experience Design:


- Provision of delicious dinning options and events that will impress and elate your guests



Local Liaison:


Design and compilation of a welcome package for each guest. These packets will included

- local information so guests can feel more at home in a strange town. Including listings of local businesses, amenities, restaurants, public transportation options, maps, driving directions and more.

- Detailed schedules of events, tours, dinners, entertainment etc.

- Information about transportation to events (departure and pick up times)

- Contact information


Welcome Gifts:


If you choose, Katherine will design an appropriate welcome gift basket, or bag or specific item for you to give your guests. Often a welcome basket in hotel rooms are a wonderful way to show your guests you are grateful for their visit and goes the extra mile to impress and please. From simple and understated to luxurious and elaborate Katherine will meet event the most discerning of standards.

Emergency Contact


While every step will be take to avoid emergencies, Picture Perfect Event Design will be on call 24/7 so if something unplanned happens you can rest easy knowing it will be taken care of professionally and effectively.

Pricing: With the services being extremely customizable we don’t set prices in order to provide the most competitive pricing for exactly what you need. 

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