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Décor Proposal Example

This is floral & décor plan proposal created for clients of Picture Perfect Event Design. These are the first 104 pages of a plan with over 250 pages created for the couple to help them decide on how to create a gorgeous wedding design and maintain it cohesively throughout the different aspects of the wedding. 

This plan is extremely detailed and offers numerous options for each aspect of the wedding, from invitations to their grand exit. The couple were very undecided and had only vague ideas of what they wanted to see and asked Katherine to help them get a clear idea of what the theme she proposed would look like and include. The theme she envisioned for this couple was "An Enchanted Forest."

A plan of this size and detailed content is priced at $650. However there are different options for plans with lower price points.

Each plan is unique and created entirely for the client who requests it. It can encompass 2 or 3 elements or all the event elements like this example. 

It can include ideas for just one theme/colour scheme or for multiple. 

Call or email today to discuss the options.

This document is copyrighted and is not to be downloaded, copied or reproduced in any manner without obtaining  written approval from Katherine Langford. Any violation of this is subject to financial penalties and/or legal prosecution. 

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