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Floral Parties & Workshops


This unique an enjoyable activity is something that can be incorporated into a variety of different type event to make it memorable.  Some events flower workshops and parties have been a part of include:

Children's Birthday Parties (ages 5 and up)

Teen Birthday Parties

Adult Birthday Parties

Bridal Showers

Baby Showers

Team Building Seminars

Staff Appreciation Parties

Anniversary Parties

Girl's Night 

Couple's Night

Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son Bonding

Father/Daughter Father/Son Bonding

School Fun Days

For no reason other than just to have some fun

Katherine, owner and creator of Picture Perfect Event Design is not just a trained and award winning florist she is also an experienced public relations & communication specialist with 8 plus years working with high end brands, and multi-million dollar corporations, on top of a licensed school teacher with 7 years of experience working with students ages 4 to 17. These diverse backgrounds give her an unparalleled ability to know how to work with a vast array of children and adults of all ages and ensure that the goals of the event are met and all participants have a wonderful, memorable time. 

How It Works

It starts with a phone conversation to discuss what you are planning and how we can incorporate a floral aspect into it. 

From there you can select from one of our arrangement examples or we can work to create something unique to suit your style and event. Alternatively you can choose to have a more freestyle and creatively open ended arrangement that allows participants to tap into their own personal talent and style and create their own unique arrangement with either specific flowers & greenery or with an array of options to pick from themselves. 

On the event day Katherine will arrive with all the necessary elements for the floral design:

- All the flowers & greenery

- The Container

- Tools

- Added touches 

Katherine will then walk the participants through the creation of the design or if you've selected a more open ended style of event the guests will be supported by Katherine with an introduction on flower arranging, some tips and tricks of the trade and the best ways to approach their arrangements.


Katherine will provides continual support as they design their own masterpiece. 

Additional Options Available

Once we have the arrangement selected we discuss how else we can ensure your event will be a success. Picture Perfect Event Design can help you select and plan other aspects to compliment the event theme and style such as:

Decor Design & Setup

Make the event space look and feel as spectacular as possible to help create an atmosphere to fuel the guest's creativity and get into the mood of the celebration. From added floral arrangements, decorations, lighting, and more Picture Perfect Event Design can transform your event space to wow and amaze. 

Creative Cocktails & Menu Design

Good friends deserve great food and drinks, Picture Perfect Event Design can help you to develop a spectacular menu for just finger food or a full dinner and delicious cocktails, wine pairings and/or non-alcoholic beverages to keep your guests enjoying each moment and keep the party going.  We can also provide recommendations for caterers if you need one.

Party Favours & Goodie Bags

You will be sending your guests off with a beautiful arrangement to enjoy for days. If you would like to send something extra that they can enjoy for years and years to come Picture Perfect Event Design is happy to help you find the right thank you favour or put together the perfect goodie bag for them to take home. 

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