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Full Service Wedding Planning & Coordination Package

This package includes all the different planning aspects to ensure that no detail goes unattended. From picking the right venue, to selecting the perfect vendors, to coordinating a Picture Perfect Wedding Day.  I will help you stay on budget, suggest excellent vendors that match your style and focus on the things that are most important to you so your wedding is Picture Perfect in everyway.

This package includes all the elements of the "Full Service Design, Planning and Coordination" package except for the design elements. This package does not include the creation of a personalized, detailed design proposal or any day of decoration installation services.

The Details

NO Time Limitations!

A lot of wedding planners have limitations on how many meetings you get, the length of time for each meeting and length of time spent working on the planning, rehearsal and wedding day.

           We don't do that! 

We belive that putting limitations on planning services is unprofessional! In our humble opinion, when a planner places limits of the number of hours they spend working for a wedding day they aren't being realistic. The time required to oversee the set up, execute, and tear down of a wedding is very time intensive. We generally are on site at 8am and don't leave until 3am. We know that to make sure everything is done right it takes time so we NEVER limit the number of hours we will spend making sure things are always done right. 

This plan includes:

This package includes all the services included in the “Month of” and “Day of” Coordination packages to ensure that everything goes perfectly and you are free to enjoy your big day without anything to worry about except having an excellent time making lifelong memories with your guests.

  • Initial planning meeting for your wedding design ideas and

  • Provide a wedding planning timetable, checklist and reminders

  • Ensure planning timetables are followed and items addressed as needed

  • Research, and review possible vendors and locations to find the best options for your wedding

  • Recommendations for your approval of vendors, locations, stationary, décor, etc.

  • Attendance at meetings with vendors if requested

  • Etiquette and protocol advice on such items as addressing invitations, seating arrangements, thank you notes, and more

  • Regular in person, phone and email consultation and communication

  • Regular progress meetings to review plans, track progress, budgets, address any questions or concerns, etc.

  • Budgeting formation and tracking with an excel spreadsheet

  • Vendor coordination and contract management

  • Arrangement of all food and beverage services

  • Scheduling of entertainment, and added activities

  • Arrange blocks of hotel rooms for your guests/attendees

  • Schedule transportation needs

  • Attendance at meeting with clergy/officiant to discuss ceremony details

  • Preparation of a detailed timeline for all vendors and people involved in the wedding. (ensuring everyone knows where they are to be, what they are to be doing and when)

  • Act as liaison between the Bride, Groom, wedding party and the vendors (including photographers)

  • Provide “Day of” Checklists and reminders, so nothing is left behind or forgotten.

  • Ensure the timeline is followed, troubleshoot and address any scheduling issues that may arise

  • Coordination and execution of rehearsal

  • Ensure all rental equipment (including audio visual) is set up in the proper location and style and working properly

  • Verify that all printed materials, programs, escort cards, etc. are prepared and ready for your wedding day

  • Coordinate and supervise the set up of all décor to your specifications for ceremony and reception

  • Overall event management to ensure all aspects are executed properly to ensure the wedding is “Picture Perfect”

  • Help Bride into gown (if needed) and other preparation before and after the ceremony

  • Greet guests, distribute “tossing items”, and line up guests for the receiving line (if needed)

  • Supervision and coordination of wedding ceremony to ensure it is executed as planned.

  • Ensure everything starts on time

  • Supervision and coordination of the reception to ensure all aspects are executed as planned.

  • Ensure all details of the wedding day are planned and organized correctly to avoid issues and problems.

  • Address and attend to any unforeseen emergencies, issues or problems that may occur during the wedding day.

  • Support the Bride and Groom during the wedding day to ensure their needs are met and they are enjoying their special day

  • Access to Picture Perfect Event Design by Katherine Langford signature “emergency kit,”  (includes items that may be needed in various situations/emergencies) – just in case

  • Book and confirm wedding night accommodations for the Bridal couple

  • Organization of any special wedding night accommodation related needs/requests (décor, champagne delivery, etc.)

  • Arrange and schedule “send off” transportation needs to wedding night accommodations.

  • Coordinate the Bride and Groom’s end of night “sendoff”

  • Delivery of final payment to vendors as needed (Bridal couple is responsible for providing method of payment & required funds)

  • Coordinate and supervise the tear down, pick up and return of all rental equipment and décor.


*This only includes rental/decor items that are to taken down, removed, returned or to be picked up the night of the wedding. All rentals/decor to be taken down, removed, returned or picked up after the wedding day are the client’s responsibility. The planner is not responsible for the physical tear down, removal or packing of any rental items or decor. Any transportation of rentals or decor to and from the wedding location is not the planner’s responsibility unless otherwise arranged by the Bridal couple for an additional fee. The planner is not liable or responsible for any damage to or loss of any items (rental or otherwise).

  • Supervision of cleaners to ensure the cleanup is completed, as required. Provided only for the day of the wedding. No additional clean up supervision provided after the wedding day. (The planner is not required or responsible to provide or perform any cleaning duties)

*No additional clean up supervision provided after the wedding day. The planner is not required or responsible to provide or perform any cleaning duties. The planner is not responsible for any loss or damages that occur.

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